Heat pumps

We only supply quality pumps that we have thoroughly tested. They are marked with the prestigious Quality Label and we vouch for their reliability. We will recommend a heat pump that has been proven down the generations and, what is more, comes out best in terms of price and performance.

Pumps from T-Power are exceptional for their performance in minus temperatures: they are able to heat water to 65 ° C at an outdoor temperature of -25 ° C. You will greatly appreciate their quiet operation, reliability and high COP number, which expresses the performance of the heat pump system.

Our heat pumps deliver 5 times more heat than an electric boiler, but with the same energy consumption. They have been used for decades in the freezing conditions of Scandinavia. In addition, they are the only pumps on the market to heat in winter and cool in summer. We supply them in three-phase execution and in all performance variants. We guarantee simple and quick installation and will provide you with a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

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