Solar roofs with the invisible power of solar energy

Get a roof with invisible power. Solar tiles from German manufacturer SolteQ are attractive in many ways - they look perfectly natural, are aesthetic, have a long lifespan and low demands on maintenance.

In addition to all that, they are waterproof, frost-resistant and can be installed in all directions of the compass. Solar roof tiles are ideally suited for new buildings and home renovations alike, as well as historical and listed buildings. In comparison with PVP panels, SolteQ solar roof tiles have a 10% higher output and a 100% longer electricity generation lifetime. Their big advantage is that they do not need direct sunlight for maximum generation, meaning that we install them on the north side of your roof as well. This is the only roof tile that “covers its own cost”.

We won a prestigious Grand Prix award for Biber 500 solar tiles at ForArch 2018.

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