Solar panels

You are asking yourself: are solar panels worthwhile?
And we will tell you: they most certainly are!
We supply photovoltaic solar panels for houses or cottages, for heating water in the pool or for generating electricity for the whole premises.

T-Power uses technology that does not need direct sunlight, yet still generates the maximum. We install PV panels that are manufactured in Germany - they have a robust structure of solid aluminium and, thanks to a unique combination of monosilicon and polysilicon technologies, ensure maximum generation gains in all weather, even if they are covered in snow.

Compared to conventional panels, PV panels from T-Power have 15% higher efficiency and the lowest year-on-year decline in generation. The efficiency of the solar panels that we supply is 20.4% in real conditions. We guarantee performance of greater than 85% over 25 years. We also provide a 12-year warranty on the product itself.

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