Batteries and storage

Why should you think about batteries when planning photovoltaics? They are important in ensuring optimum gains from solar energy generation and its subsequent use. T-Power uses and supplies top-of-the-range Lion or LiFePo technology - recharge your car, cover peak times of consumption or get instant 3-phase backup for the entire facility without any worries.

We supply a fully asymmetrical 100% voltage inverter and battery charger for battery storage, all in a single intelligent assembly that is no larger than a conventional refrigerator. Battery storage from T-Power is able to recharge batteries at the same time as supplying energy to the building.

It adjusts the grid in the building and sets its values ​​for proper operation of the devices on its own. And if there is a power cut, you won't even know that you have gone into backup mode. We provide remote monitoring for all our clients 24 hours a day.

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