Complete, customised solutions

Our team at T-Power has extensive experience. You can be sure that you are in good hands.

Time frame

Do you want a quick and flexible project design? T-Power uses a simple mechanism that calculates the cost of the solution and the amount you can save and suggests financing. We only install equipment that is manufactured in Western European countries. Delivery times are short, warranties by contrast are long. We do not underestimate the inspection or maintenance of power plants and carry out both regularly. Our systems are reliable, as is our team: we will give you a fixed date for installation and stick to it.

The installation process

Have you decided to opt for energy self-sufficiency in your home or at your business? Let's meet, then: we will design a tailor-made solution based on the energy needs and architectural features of your home. Only this way does it all make sense and bring you 100% financial independence, independence in general and considerable savings. We will come up with a project proposal, calculate the price and how much you can save, outline the financing possibilities, help you with an application for subsidies and then get on with implementing the project itself. However, we do not stop with the installation of the PVP - we ensure subsequent inspection and maintenance of the equipment. The team at T-Power has extensive experience. You can be sure that you are in good hands.


The photovoltaic systems that we install contain safety features that protect the health and property of our customers. The safety STOP button (BFA - Breaking Fire Alarm) if there is an emergency or fire will shut down your PVP, meaning that the power plant will lose voltage. The PV system can also be easily shut down and restarted for maintenance, either manually, automatically or remotely using a mobile phone. At the same time, the BFA system prevents any unwanted arc and protects you from electric shock. To protect property, our PV plants have a DSS system that prevents theft or damage to modules. T-Power monitors your systems 24 hours a day, meaning you can sleep peacefully at night.


We design each power plant using a special planning and calculation program. This helps us design and determine the maximum possible gains from the sun, their direction and the energy significance. We only use solutions that emerge from the planning program as the best option for the given property. At the same time, we calculate the type and performance of the optimum converter, including its efficiency and the components for a specific power plant. No power plant is the same. Yours too will be different, unique in fact.

Common errors

When the price is the deciding factor

Such power plants have a short lifetime and near-zero return.

Single or two-phase photovoltaic power plant

Domestic consumption is not evenly distributed, one or both phases are overloaded and the whole house is never backed up.

Inverter selection

Whether a symmetric or asymmetric inverter is entirely irrelevant. In a project that is not customised, incorrect energy utilisation settings do not actually lie in the production of the inverter, but in the correct energy harnessing settings.

Underestimation of battery capacity and stiffness

High demands on the performance of conventional batteries dramatically shorten battery life.

Pre-prepared PVP package solutions

Power plants that are not manufactured exactly to the needs and parameters of a given building will never generate savings and provide energy self-sufficiency.

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